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Once upon a time, there were two students who met in 2004 during their studies.in Mainz. Both of them studied Media-Design in college and had an affinity for computer games in every way. Very soon they took courses together and got to know each other.

Already during their time there they developed projects together, created their first small computer games and always faced new ideas. One of them specialized in graphic design, the other in programming. Together they could accomplish anything!

In 2006 it was time and still during their studies they started a business together, the Jonathan Deutsch und Björn Franke Gbr. Quickly they established contacts in Europe and even internationally. For their diploma they marked their first milestone in game development. The two students created a simulation game for the Helios hospital group with the topic of economical planning and organisation of a hospital.

After their studies they knew it had to go on exactly the same way. Shortly after, the Gbr. was converted into a GmbH and the two graduates tapped into the fields of web design, 3D animation and photography.

Over time this cooperation bloomed into a friendship that still persists to this day and far beyond.

These two are now the heads of DUFGAMES and deutschundfranke mediadesign GmbH. Their fondness of computer games still exists after all these years and their goal is now to create their own games which will bring joy and fun to other people as well - each time a new challenge in itself.

And they developed happily ever after...
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deutschundfranke mediadesign GmbH

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