Black Hole
Black Hole is a short and challenging twin-stick shooter in space. Fly through themed black holes, collect boosts and gold while defeating the many enemies coming at you trying to destroy you. Upgrade your ship with meaningful and rewarding upgrades, unleash your hyper attack on anything coming into view and defeat the mighty bosses at the end of each world.

Black Hole is available now on the Nintendo Switch eShop.


  • 40 levels and 4 different worlds
  • 4 epic boss fights
  • 3 different ships
  • upgrade your ship between levels
  • achievements
  • score and time leaderboards
  • suspend your play session mid-game for later

Nintendo Switch Features

  • HD Rumble
  • Motion controls
  • IR controls

Available for:

Nintendo Switch


There are three different space ships in Black Hole, each with different attributes and abilities. Every spaceship will have a individual primary weapon,
a secondary weapon and a hypercharge.

Black Hole Spaceship hunter

Spaceship "hunter"

With its spread shot and explosive rockets the Hunter is a good allrounder for beginners. While its speed and defenses are only moderate it excels in fire power, being able to hit multiple enemies at once with ease.

Hyperattack: Launch a large number of smaller swarm rockets in a ring that home in on their prey.

Hyperdefense: Recharge your ship's shield rapidly and take reduced damage while charging


Primary Weapon

Spread shot
Secondary Weapon Rockets
Hypercharge Swarm rockets

Black Hole Spaceship falchion

Spaceship "falchion"

A ship built for maximizing speed the Falchion lacks defense and fire power. With its reduced hull size it can turn almost instantly and is more difficult to hit. Its lasers travel extremly fast and aim straight ahead, good for destroying single targets. Its wide spread deflector waves protect it from harm.

Hyperattack: Release a vast amount of energy in one giant beam damaging everything it hits.

Hyperdefense: Engage your time warp shield and slow down all enemy targets and projectiles within its range.


Primary Weapon

Secondary Weapon Deflector wave
Hypercharge Energie beam

Black Hole Spaceship eagle

Spaceship "eagle"

Having heavy hull armoring makes the Eagle withstand vast amounts of damage but also makes it hard to maneuver. Its plasma bolts are a little unstable but give it a moderate spread attack while its strong bolson shot focuses on single target damage.

Hyperattack: Lay multiple proximity bombs around you in a circle waiting for enemies to get too near.

Hyperdefense: Activate your nano-robots to slowly repair some damage over time.


Primary Weapon

Plasma bolt
Secondary Weapon Bolson shot
Hypercharge Proximity bombs

Game music

In the game, there will be different music for each world. Feel free to listen to our music of the game. We composed and produced all the music and the sound effects ourselves in Black Hole.

Artwork & Screenshots

Intro screen from the game
Intro screen from the game
Choose your spaceship
Choose your spaceship
Upgrade Screen in Black Hole
Upgrade Screen
Water planet
A lost planet in space
Green Planet
Green galaxy and planets
Fire planet or sun
A hot fire planet or sun
Planet in sun rise
Planet in sun rise
A blue black hole
A blue black hole
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