Black Hole
Black Hole is an arcade style dual-stick space shooter developed for different game consoles and platforms.

The main game takes place inside different black holes. As you are sucked into the vortex you have to fight your way through asteroids and other enemies that try to block your way. At the start of the game you can choose between three different ships with completely different weaponry and while progressing through the levels you will be able to upgrade your ship and it's weapons.


  • 40 levels and 4 different worlds
  • 4 epic boss fights
  • 3 different ships
  • upgrade your ship between levels
  • achievements
  • suspend your play session mid-game for later

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There are three different space ships in Black Hole, each with different attributes and abilities. Every spaceship will have a individual primary weapon,
a secondary weapon and a hypercharge.

Black Hole Spaceship hunter

Spaceship "hunter"

The hunter is an allrounder. Is has medium speed and medium fire power. For beginners it's the best choice!


Primary Weapon

Spread shot
Secondary Weapon Rockets
Hypercharge Swarm rockets

Black Hole Spaceship falchion

Spaceship "falchion"

The falchion is quick and dangerous like a sharp sword. It has moderate damage, but attacks very fast. At the beginning the Falchion will be a challenge but later in the game become a deadly weapon.


Primary Weapon

Secondary Weapon Deflector wave
Hypercharge Energie beam

Black Hole Spaceship eagle

Spaceship "eagle"

The Eagle is the last of the three spaceships. It is like a tank in space. The Eagle deals massive damage but is very slow and sluggish. Fast and tiny enemies might be hard to break with this spaceship.


Primary Weapon

Plasma bolt
Secondary Weapon Bolson shot
Hypercharge Proximity bombs

Game music

In the game, there will be different music for each world. Feel free to listen to our music of the game. We compose and produce all the music and the sound effects in Black Hole.

Game menu
Possible music for the game menu screen
about 3.2 MB
Game menu II
Another possible music for the game menu screen
about 1.6 MB

Artwork & Screenshots

Intro screen from the game
Intro screen from the game
Choose your spaceship
Choose your spaceship
Upgrade Screen in Black Hole
Upgrade Screen
Water planet
A lost planet in space
Green Planet
Green galaxy and planets
Fire planet or sun
A hot fire planet or sun
Planet in sun rise
Planet in sun rise
A blue black hole
A blue black hole
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