Tales of Honor
One of our current large and time-consuming games is "Tales of Honor", an online browser game, which will be released after completion on popular gaming platforms. In Tales of Honor you play a hero who must face an unexpected sinister threat. Here the player not only has the possibility to go on adventures, but he can also further develop his own town to a city, recruit troops, set up armies, create a guild, and grow stronger over time. Magic items will help him to oppose the threat.

The estimated start of the game will be January 2014. The game is still in full development and we have continued strong demand for fantasy illustrators.

Production Progress & Features

Key features of Tales of Honor
- Level your hero and become stronger and more powerful
- Build your city in order to produce more units and resources
- Forge powerful weapons and armor
- Collect artifacts and legendary items
- Explore the world map, sail across the seas from island to island
- Take on quests across the world map, from the desert to high in the icy mountains
- Stunning game history, split into three chapters

Future optional extensions
- Development of the game-history
- New units, new enemies, new adventures
- Significant expansion of multi-player functions

Support us!
We are always glad, if you are interessted in our game projects.
The best way to support our work, is buying a copy of the final game.

If you are interessted in supporting us now during the production of the game with a donation, we are very pleased about it. Your donation will be used only for the production of this game. In the final release you will be mentioned in the credits screen as a donator.


The player will find himself in the role of a character in Tales of Honor. As a pickpocket you try to build up a new life, however, the world in which he lives is changing and chaos and despair burst forth.

The player goes through a linear main story with many side stories. The player can follow these side stories and thereby gain fame and objects.

The character itself is improved at each level rise. Here the player can distribute up to 5 points on his skills.
The character will have the following skills and attributes:

Level Through the level of the character the player learns how far he gets forward in the game and how powerful his character will be. Some items that the player finds throughout the game are level dependent, as well as the solving of some adventures.
Health Life defines the maximum hitpoints of the character. If it falls to zero, the character must be revived.
Experience The character will gain experience in combat and on adventures. The experience defines the promotion to a new level.
Attack The attack of the character is his strength to fight enemies and opponents. The higher this value is, the more damage the character will deal in combat.
Defence The defense is the counterpart of the attack. It defines the armor of the character.
Endurance The endurance defines the length of a battle or adventure. The more endurance your character has, the more he can use it in adventures / quests. The endurance slowly refills over time and will be deducted on every step of an adventure.
Willpower The willpower is a damage multiplier for critical hits and further increases the guiding force of the character. The higher the multiplier, the more damage the character causes with a critical hit.
Luck Luck increases the chance to land a critical hit on the enemy. Also it increases the finding rate of rare items.
Fame Fame is a prerequisite for some items, troops and titles. The character gains fame e.g. in combat or from completeing adventures.
Leadership Leadership defines how many troops can be carried in the army.

Build your city

First concept from the barracks
First concept from the barracks
Nearly finished barracks
Nearly finished barracks
Final Artwork for the barracks
Final Artwork for the barracks
In town the player is able to unlock and use buildings with resources. Every building can be upgraded several times to increase its output and effectivity. To upgrade a building you need several different resources like wood, stone and building time. Right now we are producing new artworks for all the buildings in town. We hope we can shortly show more information and new artworks.


This is the first version of our world map from Tales of Honor. This map already contains all the content for the three chapters of the main story.

At the beginning of the game almost the entire map is covered up and the player begins the game on a remote island, where he will build his city. Only later during the game other islands and continents will be uncovered.

We tried to combine as many scenic areas of the world map as possible, so the adventures take place not only on the prairie, but also in the desert, in ancient graves, in the jungle, in forgotten ruins, in the veld, at sea, in the glaciers of the frozen north and in the deadly swamps and marshes.

In the game, players can select individual regions and will receive a detailed, larger view where the individual adventures are displayed.
Worldmap from Tales of Honor

Game music

The game will accompany music with ambient music and sound effects. At the moment we are trying to find out which style is best.

Indian Dance
Possible Music for desert and wasteland
about. 3.5 MB

Artwork & Screenshots

Characterscreen & Inventory
Characterscreen & Inventory
Achievement Screen
Achievement Screen
Tales of Honor - Health Potions
Collection of all craftable health potions
Tales of Honor - Axes
Collection of basic axes
Tales of Honor - Polearms
Collection of basic polearms
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